Cal-DMax Tablet


  • Fulfills Calcium Deficiency
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Heals Bone fracture
  • Joint Support of Men and Women


Cal-D-Max is the perfect ayurvedic medicine for calcium intake. Calcium is the most abundant nutrient for the human body. Cal-D-Max is a combination supplement with unique ingredients to increase your bone efficiency and your health. It is a clinically proven ayurvedic medicine that maintains your bone strength and teeth frame.

Calcium is the most important nutrient for the contraction of muscles and cell division. Regular intake of Cal-D-Max is necessary especially for calcium deficiency patients. It reduces the risk of fractures, muscle cramps, bone loss, osteoporosis, joints pain, and post-surgical recovery.

Having a proper intake of calcium is necessary for all aged people. Babies and young child needs calcium to get protective teeth and strong bones while adults require calcium to have healthy teeth and a strong skeleton.

Proper dietary calcium intake is a must for the development of bone and increasing metabolism. Calcium requirements may vary throughout the lifespan. The amount of drinking water is becoming important in the modulation of calcium homeostasis. Calcium present in mineral drinking water is a necessary and qualitative source of calcium intake. This together contributes to the maintenance of bone health.


Strong bones: Strong bones protect against osteoporosis. As bone mass decreases, men and women develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that leads to thinning and weakening of bones. Bones weakened by osteoporosis have more chances of fractures, especially in the hip, wrist, and spine.


Reduces the risk of fracture: A bone fracture is a condition where the efficiency of the bone is broken.

A bone fracture may occur due to high force impact or stress.

Moreover, a fracture can also be the result of some diseases that causes the weakening of bones, for example, osteoporosis, bone cancer, or osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).

Bone fracture leads to severe pain and swelling.


Reduce muscle cramps: Some muscle cramps result from overuse of your muscles. This mainly occurs while you’re exercising after a long period.

Muscle injuries and dehydration can also lead to severe muscle cramps. Drinking enough water is the best solution to avoid it.

Improper intake of the following minerals that equally contribute to healthy muscle may also cause muscle cramps:

  1. calcium
  2. potassium
  3. sodium
  4. magnesium

Low blood supply to your legs and hands leads to muscle cramps in those areas when you exercise, walk, swim, or do any other physical activity.


Reduces the risk of osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a medical injury that leads to the breaking of bones, back pain, stooped posture, and gradual loss of height. Osteoporosis can be treated and prevented by having a proper calcium and vitamin diet daily and having regular exercise.


Remineralize teeth: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, and 99 percent of calcium helps in the proper functioning of your bones and teeth. Calcium strengthens your tooth’s hard outer covering which is known as the enamel. The enamel helps your teeth fight off erosion, cavities, and germs.


Bone growth: Your body also needs calcium to make healthy bones. Bones are the main storage site of calcium in the body. The mineral calcium helps your muscles, nerves, and cells work normally.


Boost immunity: Daily calcium intake gradually increases your efficiency to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria that enter your body. 


Keeping a normal heartbeat: Heart patients are advised to include more dairy products in their diet as it helps to heal easily. Non-heart patients can also have calcium to avoid problems like Blood pressure and heart dysfunction.


Clotting of Blood: Calcium prevents blood loss by clotting the blood with the help of fibrinogen. Calcium helps in the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen, thereby preventing loss of blood immediately after an accident.


Cissus Quadrangularis: An ayurvedic medicine for joint, bone health, and weight loss. It’s commonly used to heal the fracture area.

 Laccifer Lacca: Its anti-inflammatory factor is used in healing fractures and bleeding disorders.

 Commiphora Mukul-Engl: It’s extracted from a medicinal plant that helps in decreasing the pain and swelling of bones and its inflammation.

 Coral Calcium: A calcium supplement that prevents cancer and heart diseases. It promotes muscle growth in all aged persons.

 Moringa oleifera (35 mg): This antioxidant reduces swelling and boosts the immune system.

Boswellia serrata: Boswellia is a herbal extract that reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer growth. It’s the best source for the overall improvement of human health.


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